The cable guy’s strategies: professional saying to function for Time Warner cable tv try informing all on Reddit

The cable guy’s strategies: professional saying to function for Time Warner cable tv try informing all on Reddit

People declaring become a Time Warner wire technician was spilling ways on Reddit.

Times Warner Cable, the second-largest supplier of TV and websites in the usa, told Quartz it is looking into the listings. “We’re incapable of validate if this person is in fact a current or former staff,” a spokesman said.

Reddit consumer cableguy_the began an “Ask myself nothing” (AMA) bond, publishing photo of their ID badge and uniform as proposed evidence of their work. Their solutions to the concerns coming in are extremely candid. Below are a few shows (typos preserved).

On Comcast’s pending exchange of Time Warner Cable:

We would like the merger because the recent group in control is the worst in previous history. A lot of people getting fired as a result of difficult metrics. All energy has-been fond of support service staff and stripped through the people who actually check out the homes and correct difficulties . It’s a mess therefore the company is being operated like shit IMHO [in my personal humble advice].

Regarding pressure between technicians and customer service representatives:

Yea customer support representatives and specialists were combating a conflict that no-one sees. We dislike all of them, they hate you. They determine clientele the problem is the apparatus when it rarely are. We inform clients to simply overlook precisely what the man regarding the telephone states because chances are good, he has got never ever wired a property, hung a drop or fixed wire.

On what’s truly incorrect with your link:

Don’t feel 50percent of precisely what the agent throughout the phone lets you know. Only set up the technology. Permit him function. He’s accomplished this prior to. The associate simply suggestions phones. it is almost NEVER the equipment resulting in the problem.

Throughout the key to getting much better assist:

Whenever a technical comes ,ask for his superiors amounts. Make sure he understands it isn’t to lose him but to intensify an issue. He may phone his sup to be certain the cool but that will assist.

On what’s stopping quicker internet download rates:

Truly, fundamental analog cable tv. It takes upwards sooo a lot bandwidth . 1 channel per regularity vs bonding multiple frequencies to produce 8 networks for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Even as we get 100per cent digital tv.. websites get more quickly. In addition obstruction. If you reside around a college it’s the worst . Grandmother might use her 15 meg for mail and searching but young Johnny school child sucks up the data transfer in the region making use of netflix and torrenting and video gaming. Yet they pay the same. IMHO what would fix this is capping information and giving everyone uncapped speeds.

On precisely why splitting the wire hookup is an awful idea:

Setting up a splitter just to attenuate the transmission is really dumb we even have products called attenuators that this without adding unnecessary splitter. But it’s correct that way too much signal is equally as worst as lack of we name that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA costs him his task:

I would be fired according to whom grabs me. I might will also get an additional benefit the so difficult to tell together with the ways this provider is currently structured.

About how Wi-Fi indicators are unreliable, and certainly will getting vanquished by doorways and structure:

Certainly very true. Plaster wall space especially.Solid wooden doors, being in a cellar once the router is found on the second floor or the other way around. Wifi are a fickle creature.

On your “broken” wire modem:

Yea I discover this a large number. I might state in a given season I’d say 5percent associated with modems I switched had been in fact bad. We manage a lot of dog and pony tv series and just swap they anyway. The problem is typically perhaps not products connected. Modems either operate or they don’t. There’s very small between. These include simple gadgets. I have tv show subscribers using personal computer anything functioning alright, then change to her devices and every little thing would go to shit. They still demand a new modem..Its insanity.

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