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Self Inking Numbering Stamps are an efficient and accurate way to assign a series of numbers or special codes
and are useful for Inspector Codes, Part Numbers, Invoice Numbers and Identification Numbers.

Made of durable plastic, this Self-Inking Numberer is versatile, lightweight and an economical option for occasional stamping needs.
Includes 13 number bands, each band containing numbers 0-9

Each number is approx 3mm in height
Numbers are easily changed by rotating bands

Black Ink

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If you are wishing to stamp on any other surface that paper, cardboard or other uncoated surfaces please indicate the surface here so we can change the inks to a better suited one

13 Band Numberer Stamp  with the numbers 0-9 on each band

Ink Colour: Black

numbers are  approx 3mm in height


Format: 1234567890123