VersaFine Clair ink pads bring out the finest details  when you have a detailed image to stamp,
this is the ink to go to.
Once dry, stamped images are waterproof and will not smear. Images are light fast and fade resistant.
The white edge of the ink pack is normal.
Ink pad measuring approx 75mm x 35mm. Because of the raised pad you can ink up any size stamp

Use it on fabric, paper, wood and more.
Heat set with an iron for fabric permanence.
When stamping onto new fabrics,
pre-wash the fabric to remove sizings.
Tsukineko VersaFine Clair is a fast drying pigment ink.

The best ink for fine detailed stamps
Embossable for several minutes—perfect for layered stamping
New air tight, ergonomic case keeps the pad inky
Great for solid block print style stamping

Will take a little longer to dry on Glossy surface